ViePEP - Vienna Platform for Elastic Processes


Problem Description

Resource-intensive tasks are playing an increasing role in business processes. The emergence of Cloud computing has enabled the deployment of such tasks onto resources sourced on-demand from Cloud providers. This has enabled so-called elastic processes that are able to dynamically adjust their resource usage to meet varying workloads.

Traditional Business Process Management Systems (BPMSs) do not consider the needs of elastic processes such as monitoring facilities, tracking the current and future system landscape, reasoning about optimally utilizing resources given Quality of Service constraints, and executing necessary actions (e.g., start/stop servers, move services). Hence, we are developed ViePEP - the Vienna Platform for Elastic Processes. ViePEP is a research BPMS capable of handling the aforementioned requirements of elastic processes. It provides a Workflow Manager as well as the means to control the Cloud resources needed for the execution and invocation of single workflow steps, which are realized as REST-based Web services.


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ViePEP makes use of the OpenStack IaaS cloud computing framework and for the resource optimization IBM CPLEX. The implementation is partly based on work by Li and Srikumar, which has been presented in their paper "Using reinforcement learning for controlling an elastic web application hosting platform". The first version of ViePEP has been partly done during Philipp Hoenisch's stay at the University of New South Wales. Parts of the implementation of ViePEP has been done as part of the SIMPLI-CITY FP7-ICT project (Grant agreement no. 318201), CREMA and the FWF project Audit4SOAs (P23313-N23).