V-USE Vitalab universal (WS) search engine


As Web services become increasingly important in distributed computing, some of the flaws and limitations of this technology become more and more obvious. One of these flaws is the discovery of Web Services through common methods. Research has been pursued and is still going on in the field of "Semantic Web services". This project is driven by the idea, to describe the functionality of Web services as accurate as possible and create programs automatically out of already existing Web services. In this project we develop a new method for discovery and analysis of Web services. Our approach uses a Vector Space Search Engine to index descriptions of already composed services. Rather than generating or automatically composing applications, this approach provides developers with a valuable utility to browse repositories based on already existing information. Furthermore, we propose some additional modifications to extract the maximum amount of semantics from existing service definition repositories.


A Web Frontend for V-USE is available via copenhagen@vitalab*blade. Feel free to try a search, but keep in mind, that it is still a prototype and under development.