RESCUE - Service oriented Middleware for Mobile Devices



The portability and steadily increasing performance of mobile computing devices has opened various new areas of application, apart from the traditional usage as mobile calendars and messaging clients. As a result, mobile devices are being used to support and coordinate the work of teams, such as in collaborative working environment, emergency teams, etc. Connected to wireless ad-hoc networks, these devices establish flexible communication which does not rely on any preexisting infrastructure. Though, mobile ad-hoc networks are challenging environments in terms of stable communication and reliability in general. The severity of this becomes especially noticeable if these networks must host systems in which availability and responsiveness of participants is crucial, as it is the case for emergency teams. Although the problems inherent in ad-hoc networks cannot be fully overcome it is yet possible to mitigate their negative impacts by using an optimized communication middleware.


The RESCUE prototype can be downloaded from here.



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