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Theses 2011

Overview of all Doctoral Theses at the Distributed Systems Group, ordered by year. A hard copy of the titles without a pdf link can be viewed or borrowed at the Institute or the University Library

  • A. Malik:
    Information Sharing and Access Control in Collaborative Working Environments - Models, Methods and Algorithms 
    Begutachter/in(nen): S. Dustdar, U. Zdun
    Defense: 10.11.2011
  • Ph. Leitner:
    On Preventing Violations of Service Level Agreements in Composed Services Using Self-Adaptation 
    Begutachter/in(nen): S. Dustdar, F. Casati
    Defense: 09.11.2011
  • L. Juszczyk
    Techniques for Automated Generation of Testbed Infrastructures for SOA
    Begutachter/in(nen): S. Dustdar, F. Leymann
    Defense: 27.10.2011
  • G. Starnberger:
    Trading Dependability, Performance, and Security in First-Price Sealed-Bid Online Auctions with Temporal Decoupling  Abstract
    Begutachter/in(nen): S. Dustdar, K. Göschka, E. Kirda
    Defense: 11.04.2011
  • E. Oberortner:
    Monitoring Quality of Service in Service-oriented Systems: Architectural Design and Stakeholder Support  Full text
    Begutachter/in(nen): S. Dustdar, U. Zdun
    Defense: 07.03.2011
  • T. Holmes:
    Supporting Model-Based Reflection, Monitoring, and Evolution in Service-Oriented Architectures through Model-Aware Systems  Abstract
    Begutachter/in(nen): S. Dustdar, U. Zdun
    Defense: 19.01.2011