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Master Theses 2006

Overview of all Diplomarbeiten / Master Thesis at the Distributed Systems Group, ordered by year. A hard copy of the titles without a pdf link can be viewed or borrowed at the Institute or the University Library

  • M. Egele:
    Behavior-Based Spyware Detection Using Dynamic Taint Analysis
    Betreuer/in(nen): S. Dustdar, E. Kirda, Ch. Krügel
  • L. Juszczyk:
    Replication and Sychronization od Web Services in Ad-hoc Networks
    Betreuer/in(nen): S. Dustdar
  • J. Lazowski:
    Web Services in Ad-Hoc Netzwerken
    Betreuer/in(nen): S. Dustdar
  • J. Sommerhuber:
    A Iterative Approach for Software Architecture Reengineering Using the Spring Framework
    Betreuer/in(nen): S. Dustdar, J. Oberleitner
  • W. Usnik:
    Data Warehousing with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 with specialization on metadata
    Betreuer/in(nen): S. Dustdar
  • L. Brunnhofer:
    Social network and awareness services for Peoplet
    Betreuer/in(nen): S. Dustdar, P. Fenkam
  • A. Hochsteger:
    Eclipse-based WEESA mapping editor
    Betreuer/in(nen): S. Dustdar
  • S. Kals:
    SecuBat: A Web Vulnerability Scanner
    Betreuer/in(nen): Ch. Krügel, S. Dustdar, E. Kirda
  • C. Karlberger:
    Prototyping a career messenger application
    Betreuer/in(nen): S. Dustdar
  • V.Moser:
    FOXY a proxy for mobile web access
    Betreuer/in(nen): S. Dustdar, E. Kirda
  • C. Nagl:
    ViDRE - A Distributed Service-Oriented Business Rule Engine Based on RuleML
    Betreuer/in(nen): S. Dustdar, F. Rosenberg
  • P. Vogt:
    Cross site scripting (XSS) attack prevention with dynamic data tainting on the client side
    Betreuer/in(nen): S. Dustdar, C. Krügel, E. Kirda
  • G. Wondracek:
    A pluggable architecture for Peoplet
    Betreuer/in(nen): S. Dustdar