CPPS 2016

CPPS Workshop

April 12, 2016, Vienna, Austria

About CPPS

Due to the proliferation of Information and Communication (ICT) and Internet Technologies, the manufacturing industry is undergoing substantial transformations. The emerging so-called Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) which are basically smart networked (embedded) technical systems consisting of sensors, actuators, and controllers within physical structures lead to an innovation jump from mechatronic to self-optimizing systems which collect and analyze information from the environment and thereby are able to adapt to changing contexts or requirements of users. The application of CPS for the domain of industrial production leads to the term Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPPS). While CPS can be employed in many different areas (e.g., ambient assisted living, smart buildings, smart grids, smart cities), CPPS are a basic building blocks to realize Smart Factories.

The aforementioned disruptive innovation step is a substantial advancement, not only in terms of hardware but especially in terms of the software and services used within production environments. Manufacturing processes of the future are more than ever required to be highly flexible and dynamic in order to satisfy customer demands for, e.g., large series production, mass customization, or changing orders. The organizations are also changing and manufacturing companies are not only part of sequential, long-term supply chains, but also part of (potentially) extensive manufacturing networks which require agile collaboration between partners. By integrating hardware and software, CPPS enable feedback loops – physical processes and computations have effects on each other and allow bidirectional control and data flow.

Within the inaugural International Workshop on Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPPS 2016), which will take place as part of the CPSWeek 2016 in Vienna, we will give researchers a platform for presenting their ideas in this upcoming field, including, but not limited to, research on Smart Factories, Factories of the Future, and Industry 4.0 topics. The CPPS workshop is explicitly multi-disciplinary, bringing together experts from various fields. We foster a multi-disciplinary approach based on the symbiosis of informatics and engineering sciences.

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