People @ DSG

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e-mail* Ext.** Office hours Room
Schahram Dustdar s.dustdar 18414 by appointment (e-mail) EA0328


e-mail* Ext.** Office hours Room
Christine Kamper c.kamper 18416 Mon, Wed: 13:30 - 14:30
Tue, Thu: 9:30 - 11:00
Renate Weiss r.weiss 18402 Tue-Thu: 10:00 - 11:00
and by appointment
Margret Steinbuch

(Research Project Administration)

m.steinbuch 18450 by appointment EA0322


e-mail* Ext.** Office hours Room
Christoph Hochreiner c.hochreiner 58413 by appointment EA0320
Thomas Rausch t.rausch 184838 by appointment EA0325
Ognjen Scekic o.scekic 184903 by appointment EA0320
Stefan Schulte s.schulte 18417 by appointment EA0316
Hong-Linh Truong truong 18456 by appointment EA0321


e-mail* Ext.** Office hours Room
Alexander Knoll a.knoll 18411 by appointment EA0323

Research Scientists

e-mail* Ext.** Office hours Room
Luca Berardinelli l.berardinelli 184904 by appointment EA0319
Michael Borkowski m.borkowski 184830 by appointment EA0318
Waldemar Hummer w.hummer by appointment EA0516
Stefan Nastic s.nastic 184903 by appointment EA0320
Ivan Pavkovic i.pavkovic 184839 by appointment EA0319
Johannes Schleicher j.schleicher 18452 by appointment EA0325
Gerta Sheganaku g.sheganaku by appointment
Olena Skarlat o.skarlat 18459 by appointment EA0318
Svetoslav Videnov s.videnov 184832 by appointment EA0320
Philipp Waibel p.waibel 18451 by appointment EA0318

PhD School of Informatics

e-mail* Room
Mirela Riveni m.riveni

PhD Students (part time)

Emmanuel Mulo e.mulo
Martin Treiber m.treiber
Roland Moser -


Thiago Garrett EA0320


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    Institut für Informationssysteme
    Distributed Systems Group

    Argentinierstrasse 8 / 184-1
    1040 Wien


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