Muhammad Zuhri Catur Candra

Muhammad Zuhri Catur Candra


PhD Student


Short CV

Muhammad is a PhD student of the Vienna PhD School of Informatics. He studied Magister Teknik (M.Eng. equivalent) in Informatics at the Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia.

He currently works at the Distributed Systems Group, Institute of Information Systems, Vienna University of Technology. He is also a lecturer at the Data and Software Engineering Group, Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia.

Research Interests

Currently his research interests are focused on Service-oriented Computing, Mixed Human-Machine Systems, and Crowdsourcing.


  • Best student paper award, 1st IEEE International Conference on Collaboration and Internet Computing, October 28 - October 30, 2015, Hangzhou, China.


Conference Papers

Book Chapters

  • Muhammad Zuhri Catur Candra, Rostyslav Zabolotnyi, Hong-Linh Truong, and Schahram Dustdar, "Virtualizing Software and Human for Elastic Hybrid Services" (Submitted PDF), Web Services Handbook, (c)Springer-Verlag, 2012.



phone: +43-1-58801-184905
fax: +43-1-58801-18491

Distributed Systems Group
Vienna University of Technology
Argentinierstrasse 8/184-1
A-1040 Wien, Austria


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