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Distributed Systems Group, Institute of Information Systems, TU Vienna, Austria
Argentinierstrasse 8, A-1040 Vienna, Austria

I am Lise Meitner Fellow at TU Vienna (EDENSPACE, Austrian Science Foundation). Previously, I was post-doctoral researcher at the Distibuted Systems Group (chair prof. Schahram Dustdar) and at Politecnico di Milano, where I received (2017) my PhD advised by prof. Carlo Ghezzi. My research interests lie in the intersection of software and systems engineering, and include dependable self-adaptive systems and applied formal methods.

  • July'21: How can we update air-gapped service-based systems? Paper to appear on ECSA, including a mission-critical case from the Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization

  • June'21: Framework for managing volatile edge systems to appear on TOIT

  • May'21: How can we improve passenger flow in airports? Paper on Data Ops for CPS to appear on TOIT

  • Apr'21: Paper on runtime verification on the edge to appear on TSC

  • Apr'21: Paper on latency-sensitive resource management to appear on TSC

  • Mar'21: Robotic mission exemplars to appear on SEAMS '21. If interested, see also previous specification patterns on TSE, and their online repository

  • Jan'21: Serving as chair of the ACM Student Research Competition at MODELS '21. Excellent students, please consider applying to showcase your research!

  • Dec'20: Paper on model transformations to appear on SoSyM

  • Sept'20: How can we scale up verification of complex reactive systems? Different model projections corresponding to requirements may be derived (and synchronized) on the specification level automatically, achieving cone-of-influence reduction on (later) analysis. Paper on ASE

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ECSA (talk, Sept'21), IEEE Services (talk, Sept'21), Univ. of Athens (talk, Sept'21), TU Eindhoven (talk, Apr' 21), Univ. of Tübingen (talk, Feb' 21), PoliMi Milano (talk, Nov' 20), ASE (talk, Sept' 20) .

Recent/Upcoming Service (selected)



Advanced Internet Computing (MSc, winter), Distributed Computing Seminars (MSc, spring).


Vienna Manifesto on Digital Humanism και άρθρο στην Καθημερινή, θέμα στις πανελλήνιες '19 (in greek).

Recent Research (selected)
  • Edge-based Runtime Verification for the Internet of Things

    Christos Tsigkanos, Marcello M. Bersani, Pantelis A. Frangoudis, and Schahram Dustdar

    in IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 2021 (pdf)

  • Updating Service-based Software Systems in Air-Gapped Environments

    Oleksandr Shabelnyk, Pantelis A. Frangoudis, Schahram Dustdar, and Christos Tsigkanos

    in European Conference on Software Architecture (ECSA), 2021 (pdf)

  • Scalable Multiple-View Analysis of Reactive Systems via Bidirectional Model Transformations

    Christos Tsigkanos, Nianyu Li, Zhi Jin, Zhenjiang Hu, and Carlo Ghezzi

    in IEEE/ACM Automated Software Engineering, 2020 (pdf)

    ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award

  • Specification Patterns for Robotic Missions

    Claudio Menghi, Christos Tsigkanos, Carlo Ghezzi, Patrizio Pelliccione and Thorsten Berger

    in IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 2020 (pdf)

    in IEEE/ACM ICSE tool PsALM: Specification of Dependable Robotic Missions, 2019 (video walkthrough) (pdf)

    in IEEE/ACM ICSE Journal First video summary, 2020

    Patterns, datasets, reproduction kits and tool support roboticpatterns.com

  • Model-Driven Engineering City Spaces via Bidirectional Model Transformations

    Ennio Visconti, Christos Tsigkanos, Zhenjiang Hu and Carlo Ghezzi

    in IEEE/ACM MODELS, 2019 (pdf)

    in Software and Systems Modelling, 2021 (pdf)

  • POET: Privacy on the Edge with Bidirectional Data Transformations

    Nianyu Li, Christos Tsigkanos, Zhi Jin, Schahram Dustdar, Zhenjiang Hu and Carlo Ghezzi

    in IEEE PERCOM, 2019 (pdf)

  • Early Validation of Cyber-Physical Space Systems via Multi-Concerns Integration

    Nianyu Li, Christos Tsigkanos, Zhi Jin, Zhenjiang Hu, and Carlo Ghezzi

    in Journal of Systems and Software, 2020 (pdf)

  • Sabrina: Modeling and Visualization of Economy Data with Incremental Domain Knowledge

    A. Arleo, C. Tsigkanos, C. Jia, R. Leite, I. Murturi, M. Klaffenboeck, S. Dustdar, M. Wimmer, S. Miksch, J. Sorger

    in In IEEE Visualization, 2019 (video summary) (pdf)

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