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Semantic Space Study


The recent advanced developments in networks, storage, computing and mobile devices have enabled sheer volumes of data that should be searchable from the libraries. Such data includes not only typical documents, like publications and technical reports, but also blogs and multimedia objects. Due to the sheer volumes of data and diverse types of objects, semantic data extraction techniques and concept search are highly expected, thus they are in the focus of many research projects. Due to the large amount of available dat a, parallel algorithms and distributed components have been employed to handle complex and voluminous data in digital libraries. In addition to that, the Web 2.0 has enabled the participation from the user, thus valuable knowledge obtained from user participation and social networks could substantially improve the semantic search, such as social networks and tag cloud based search. Using Web 2.0 technology, semantic technology and advanced human-computer-interaction (HCI) techniques, highly interactive user interactions and visualization tools have been proposed for browsing and visualizing digital objects and knowledge.

Despite of these developments, the space technology domain has not benefited from these developments. This issue motivated for a study on a large scale concept search framework in which how domain-specific document relationships should be semantically extracted, mapped, managed, searched and visualized will be investigated in order to support other research activities in the space domain.

This work is funded by the ESA (European Space Agency) from April-August 2010, under the ESA ITT RFQ 3-13016/09/NL/CBi contract.




Contact the technical manager of the study, Hong-Linh Truong, for further information.

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