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Distributed Systems Group

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Last updated: 16 June 2009

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Short CV

Martin Vasko is currently working as a research assistent at the Technical University of Vienna. He received his Master of Computer Science (MSc) in 2005. His research interest is focused on Workflow Analysis and Business process optimization.

Praktikum or Master Thesis: Mobile Workflow Applications - Workflow Design on mobile devices

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expressFlow provides a platform to design, administrate and share processes.
Feel free to sign up and use the designer, but please note: This prototype is currently ALPHA ;).
We deployed this version for testing purposes only...
To get an overview of the platform the following links might be of interest:

A sample process represented by the use of the Process Viewer:

Current Activities
Other Activities

Conference Proceedings / Workshops

  1. Introducing collaborative Service Mashup design
    Vasko M. and Dustdar S. (2009).
    Composable Web Workshop in conjunction with ICWE 2009, 22-26 June 2009, San Sebastian, Spain
  2. Collaborative Modeling of Web Applications for Various Stakeholders
    Vasko M., Oberortner E. and Dustdar S. (2009).
    5th Model-Driven Web Engineering Workshop in conjunction with ICWE 2009, 22-26 June 2009, San Sebastian, Spain
  3. Towards Modeling Role-Based Pageflow Definitions within Web Applications
    Oberortner E., Vasko M. and Dustdar S. (2008).
    4th Model-Driven Web Engineering Workshop, in conjunction with MoDELS 2008, 30 September 2008, Toulouse, France
  4. Community Rating Service and User Buddy Supporting Advices in Community Portals
    Vasko M., Zdun U., Dustdar S., Blumauer A., Koller A. and Prazl W. (2008).
    International Conference on Semantic Systems, 3-5 September 2008, messecongress I graz, Austria
  5. VieBOP: Extending BPEL Engines by BPEL4People
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  7. A view based analysis of workflow modeling languages
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  8. An Analysis of Web services Workflow Patterns in Collaxa
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Master's Thesis

Vasko, M . (2005). Workflow modeling languages - commonalities and differences , Institute for Information Systems, Vienna University of Technology, December 2005.