Open research topics

I have open topics for students working under my supervision. Topics are available mainly for PhD dissertations and master theses. Current open topics are on various aspects in service engineering analytics for IoT, Cloud computing, Big data and blockchain. Just drop me a line or stop by my office if you are interested in open topics.

Note that I expect a master thesis would be finished within 6 months while a PhD disseration may take from 3-5 years. Both PhD and master research may or may not be partially/fully funded through employment. This is dependent on the topics and the funding availability. In general, when a disseration/thesis is funded, the research topic of the dissertation/thesis is aligned with certain research projects. However, usually funding will be limited and it might happen that funding is closed before the finalization of the disseration/thesis.

Teaching Courses

Students and Postdocs

PhD Committees

  • PhD Committee Chair:
    • Stefan Resch, "Composability for Fail-Safe Safety-Critical Systems", TU Wien, Jan, 2015
  • PhD Committee members:
    • Trung-Hieu Nguyen, "Virtual Machine Management for Efficient Cloud Data Centers with Applications to Big Data Analytics", Aalto University, Finland, August, 2016
    • Aitor Murguzur, "Dynamic Variability Support in Context-aware Workflow-based Systems", Mondragon University, Spain, July, 2015
    • Jesus Garcia Galan, "Automating The support of Highly-Configurable Services", University of Seville, Spain, June 2015

PhD Internships and Research Visitors

  • Antonio Manuel Gutiérrez Fernández, University of Seville
  • Fei Chen, Shenzen University
  • Stefano Mariani, DISI - Universita di Bologna, Coordination-aware Elasticity. Joint papers
  • Aitor Murguzur,IK4-Ikerlan Research Center and Mondragon University. Joint papers
  • Dr. Hoa Khanh Dam, University of Wollongong, August 2012, on engineering hybrid cloud services. Joint papers
  • Dr. Tran-Vu Pham, Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, HoChiMinh City University of Technology, July 2011, on elastic high performance applications on Clouds. Joint papers
  • Michael Reiter, IAAS and SIMTECH, University of Stuttgart, Nov 2010, on quality-aware workflow optimization. Joint papers
  • Gangadharan G.R. University of Trento (July-September 2007) on service licensing compatibility in Service-oriented Computing (SOC). Joint papers
  • Marco Comerio, Universit degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca (June-July, 2009), on service contract compatibility in Service-oriented Computing (SOC), Joint papers.

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